Price, Showability, Marketing – Key Ingredients to Selling a Home

    Have you been updating your house to sell? Have you been told you need a stager?

    Many people put time, effort, and money into unnecessary updates when a little elbow grease is all they really need.

    Oftentimes, people think they need to paint or replace carpet, re-do the kitchen or bath, etc. That is just as often, not necessary! It is very hard to predict what updates or cosmetic touches a potential buyer will have in mind. Your vision may not be the same as theirs and it is better to be willing to negotiate on a painting allowance than to paint and then to still be asked for an allowance.

    There are three key ingredients to selling a home:


    1. Price – Ask your agent for a Home Equity Evaluation so you can be confident that the price you are asking for your home matches your market. A good agent will get you more for your home by using Price Bracketing. (Watch for an upcoming blog on Price Bracketing).
    1. Show-ability (Cleanliness) – Is your home clean and clutter-free? This is much more important that the furniture arrangement or smell of baking cookies. People want to move into a clean home, and they can see past the furniture if the rooms are clutter-free.
    1. Marketing – If no one knows your house is for sale, who will buy it? Proper online placement, signage and an agent with a large Buyer-in-Waiting program (watch for an upcoming blog on Buyer-in-Waiting) gets the word out so your home can get sold fast and for top dollar.

    Congratulations Franklin Park, PA – Named Best City in Pennsylvania

    According to USA Today and 24/7 Wall Street, Franklin Park in Allegheny County is the best place to live in Pennsylvania based on resident median household income, high percentage of adults with at least a bachelor’s degree, and a low incidence of violent crime.

    Franklin Park was founded in 1823 and first named Franklin Township in honor of Benjamin Franklin. Franklin Park boasts four borough parks which are home to baseball, softball, football, and cricket fields, hiking and biking trails, deck hockey and many pavilions and shelters. Blueberry Hill Park is home to the historic Jones-Neely Log House which offers a step back in time. In addition to the parks, the Mel Lubert Nature Reserve offers 8 acres of nature preserve and two retention ponds that host a variety of wildlife species.

    If you haven’t visited Franklin Park, give it a try and see all it has to offer!

    (Photo by Don Michelli)


    What’s not to love?

    Pittsburgh, PA has 90 unique neighborhoods and that’s just in the city! Pittsburgh is surrounded by suburbs to the North, South, East, and West – many just a 15 to 30-minute commute to downtown or to the Pittsburgh International Airport.

    Known as the City of Champions for its many Champion sports teams – the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates all call Pittsburgh home, along with the many University and amateur sports teams.

    A cultural Hub for Musical Theater, Ballet, Opera, and more, Pittsburgh boasts a thriving arts community. The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh hosts more that 2.9 million visitors each year and is considered a key partner in the City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. Endowed by Andrew Carnegie in the late 1800’s, the Carnegie Library system has continued to be well loved and supported for over a century.

    Also, bearing the Carnegie name, is the Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History Museum and well as the Carnegie Science Center. Additionally, the Andy Warhol Museum is a the “most comprehensive single-artist museum in the world!” And, if you want to take in even more history, try a ride on one of Pittsburgh’s two Inclines or visit the Frick Art and Historical Center or the Senator John Heinz History Center or the Roberto Clemente Museum.

    Don’t forget the great outdoors with Pittsburgh’s endless opportunities for outdoor and fitness activities from cycling, kayaking, rock climbing, hiking or just enjoying the beauty of the seasons. Check out Venture Outdoors for some cool events and outdoor adventures or visit one of the many local parks or spend a leisurely day at the Pittsburgh Zoo, Aviary, or Phipps Conservatory

    Pittsburgh truly has something for everyone, from top rated schools, sports teams, health care, parks, rivers, arts, and more. Pittsburgh welcomes you and your family to share in the beauty of Pittsburgh’s history and its bright future!

    Pre-Approval – Three Key Benefits

    Pre-approval for a home loan is an estimate in writing of the mortgage amount you will likely qualify for and it is a powerful tool in the house-hunting process.

    Pre-approval works for you and the seller and has 3 Key Benefits:

    1. You will know exactly how much home you can afford before you start looking and how much, if any, cash is required, and what your monthly payments will be.
    2. You will get the best financing (lowest rates, most favorable terms, and highest quality of service) as a result of establishing a relationship early on with your lender. Customer-centric lenders, like the Brian Barrett Group at Union Home Mortgage, stay apprised of your home-buying process and can offer you advice such as how to improve your credit or save for your down payment.
    3. You can make a stronger offer and beat out the other buyers as a result of being pre-approved. Sellers want to know a buyer can back up their offer with financing and a pre-approval is the best way to do that.

    Pre-approvals are quick and can often be done online or over the phone. When you start your home search, be sure to include a recommended lender in the equation.


    Advantages of a Home Warranty – Why Every Home Should Have One

    Home Warranty companies offer compelling reasons for adding a home warranty when you are buying or selling a home:

    1. Protects the buyer from the expense of unforeseen repairs – a one-year service contract protects your budget from costly, unexpected covered repairs or replacement of appliances and major components of mechanical systems that break down from normal wear and tear.
    2. Gives the buyer confidence in making a good offer – knowing that any unforeseen repair costs will be covered, allows a buyer to make his or her best offer for the home making it more appealing to the seller.
    3. Reliable service, 24/7 – companies such as HSA work with preferred venders so you save time and energy not having to search for service providers.
    4. Sellers benefit too – should an item breakdown or issues arise during home inspection, often the home warranty will take care of it allowing sellers to focus on the sale of their home.

    Click HERE to find out how to best protect your investment and enjoy peace of mind in buying or selling a home.