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A Clean House Sells

Showability is a Key Ingredient to Selling a House

What updates do I need to do to sell my house?

It’s probably not necessary to update your house before you sell.

Many people put time, effort, and money into unnecessary updates when a little elbow grease is all they really need.

Oftentimes, people think they need to paint or replace carpet, re-do the kitchen or bath, etc. That is just as often, not necessary – especially in a sellers market! It is very hard to predict what updates or cosmetic touches a potential buyer will have in mind. Your vision may not be the same as theirs and they might love it just the way it is!

Is your house clean and clutter-free? People want to move into a clean house, and they can see past the outdated paint and flooring if the rooms are clean and clutter-free. Below are a few tips for preparing your home for the market:

  • Wash the windows, vacuum the blinds, and wash the windowsills
  • Clean out the fireplace
  • Clean and organize the closets – pack away clothes not in use to reduce clutter
  • Make sure appliances are spotless and in working order
  • Clean often-forgotten spots like on top of the fridge and under the sink
  • Keep counters clean and clutter-free
  • Consider packing away personal photos and effects
  • Put out fresh linens in the bathroom
  • Clean the toilet and shower
  • Wipe down the hot water tank and furnace
  • Wipe down the front door and sweep the porch or entrance
  • Vacuum the carpets and mop the kitchen and bathroom floors
  • If you have pets make sure the area is clean and tidy
  • Clean out the garage/basement/attic and get rid of things you don’t use
  • Empty the garbage
  • Make sure the dishes and laundry are put away
  • Mow the lawn

Not only will these simple cleaning tips help your house to look better in the photos, the “showability” when prospective buyers walk through the door will be greatly increased. A clean house lets the buyers know you have taken care of your home and they will feel good about calling it their own!

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