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Home Security Basics

Better Safe than Sorry

It’s always smart to be prepared…

In the age of smart homes and DIY monitored security systems such as Ring and SimpliSafe, basic home security may sometimes be overlooked.

According to Franklin Park Borough in Pennsylvania, “daylight is the prevalent time for residential burglaries because the expectation is that homeowners will be at work.” They recommend being alert to suspicious activity and not hesitating to call 911 to report such activity.

Home Security Tips:

  1. Change your locks when you purchase a new home You never know who may have a key to your new home; it’s safer to install your own!
  2. Always lock your doors – This may seem simple enough, but it may be a conversation that needs to be had with the whole family if there is a lot of coming and going at your home.
  3. Alert a neighbor or friend if you will be out of town – Let someone know if you are planning to be away from home for more than a day. Ask someone to pick up your mail each day, bring in the garbage cans, secure deliveries, etc. You may even consider having someone cut your grass or shovel the walk if you will be gone for an extended amount of time. The idea is to avoid your home appearing to be vacant and thus a potential target.
  4. Turn on your security system and don’t give out the code to just anyone – Many smart home security systems have the ability to be operated remotely, but if you must give someone your security code to access your home while you are away, consider using a guest code and resetting it when you return.
  5. Install outside motion detector lighting – Not only will motion detector lighting deter an intruder and alert you to the possibility of someone being near your home, it is also a nice welcome when you arrive home after dark.
  6. Secure outdoor personal property –  If you have a garage or shed, get in the habit of putting away the bikes, toys, and lawn equipment when not in use.
  7. Inventory your valuables A home inventory can be as simple as using your phone to snap photos of your more valuable belongings and saving them to a home inventory folder or you could create a simple list to keep in your safe if you ever have need for it.
  8. Don’t overshare on social media Be cautious about the details and images you post on social media such as upcoming dates you will be away, recent purchases, etc.
  9. Keep shrubs and bushes trimmed Make sure there are no hiding places around your house or garage. Make sure your house number is visible for first responders.
  10. Get a dog Not only are dogs great at sounding the alarm, they can also be a great deterrent to a potential intruder! And don’t forget the “Beware of Dog” sign!

Whether you decide on a four-legged alarm system or a smart home security system, rest assured you will rest easier if you consider these few basic home security precautions!

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