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Price Bracketing – Leverage the Buyer’s Online Search Criteria

What normally happens when a house doesn’t sell? The agent lowers the price, right?

But what if the you could raise your price to get it to sell? Determining the right price for a home is based on several conditions:

  • Location
  • Fair Market Value
  • Economic Trends
  • Conditions of Property
  • Market Supply & Demand
  • New Construction

You can’t always control these conditions, but you can use a technique called Price Bracketing to maximize the number of buyers who find your home online. The way Price Bracketing works is by optimizing what the search fields look for online. For example, if the search is for homes from $200,000-$300,000 and your home is priced at $305,900, you will miss out on all the buyers searching up to $300,000, and if you price your home at $299,900 you will miss anyone searching $300,000 and higher. Generally, people are searching in multiples of $100,000’s or $50,000’s or $25,000’s. By Price Bracketing in this way, you ensure that your home falls within two search brackets which is not only good for the seller, but good for the buyer who might otherwise have missed out on their dream home! Finding the right agent, is the first step to getting your home sold. The agents at will help you price your home right and get it SOLD!

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