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Price, Showability, Marketing – Key Ingredients to Selling a Home

Have you been updating your house to sell?

Have you been told you need a stager?

Many people put time, effort, and money into unnecessary updates when a little elbow grease is all they really need.

Oftentimes, people think they need to paint or replace carpet, re-do the kitchen or bath, etc. That is just as often, not necessary! It is very hard to predict what updates or cosmetic touches a potential buyer will have in mind. Your vision may not be the same as theirs and it is better to be willing to negotiate on a painting allowance then to paint and still be asked for an allowance.

There are three key ingredients to selling a home:

  1. Price – Ask your agent for a Home Equity Evaluation so you can be confident that the price you are asking for your home matches your market. A good agent will get you more for your home by using Price Bracketing.
  2. Show-ability (Cleanliness) – Is your home clean and clutter-free? This is much more important that the furniture arrangement or smell of baking cookies. People want to move into a clean home, and they can see past the furniture if the rooms are clutter-free.
  3. Marketing – If no one knows your house is for sale, who will buy it? Proper online placement, signage and an agent with a large Buyer-in-Waiting program gets the word out so your home can get sold fast and for top dollar.

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