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    Why you should use a Buyer’s Agent

    Benefits of Buyer Agency

    Make sure your best interests are being represented when you decide to buy a new home.

    Services/Duties that your Buyer’s Agent should provide:

    • Advise and/or disclose to you all matters regarding the home (even if it is pointing out reasons not to buy it).
    • Provide a comparable market analysis or price evaluation for you in order to determine the actual market value.
    • Keep your financial capabilities, thoughts, and willingness to pay more for a property strictly confidential.
    • Represent you on all MLS-listed properties as well as those that are not on the market currently but may be available.
    • Negotiate home inspection, repairs, occupancy dates, buyer credits and costs – all in your best interest!
    • Owe fiduciary obligations and responsibilities to you as the buyer.

    Remember: Bob Cenk’s buyer and seller contracts are always just 1-Day!

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