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North Hills School District Real Estate

North Hills School District

The North Hills School District is comprised of six elementary schools, which serve students from kindergarten through sixth grade.  Three of the schools have enrollments less than 300 students.  The remaining three elementary schools are  medium-size elementary schools, with enrollments under 600.  The average elementary class-size in the North Hills School District is 19 students. The North Hills Junior and Senior high schools share a hilltop campus.  The district offers 15 advanced placement courses, college in high school, an honors program, and opportunities at the A.W. Beattie Career Center.  Nearly 90 percent of North Hills graduates continue their formal education.

  • Senior High School
  • Junior High
  • Highcliff Elementary
  • McIntyre Elementary
  • Perrysville Elementary
  • Ross Elementary
  • Seville Elementary
  • West View Elementary
  • A.W. Beattie Career Center