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    Search our Buyers-In-Waiting list below (updated weekly) to see who might be a match for your home:

    1. $800,000-$1,200,000/Brick single family home with flat backyard/North Allegheny, Pine-Richland, Mars Area – Reference Code: J&LS – SOLD
    2. $200,000-$500,000/Ranch single family home on 1+ acres or land to build/Seneca Valley, Mars Area – Reference Code: C&SB
    3. $350,000-$600,000/Updated single family home/Squirrel Hill, Shadyside Area – Reference Code: JDVS – SOLD
    4. $200,000-$300,000/2+ bed, single family home/Cranberry Twp. – Reference Code: JL
    5. $250,000-$350,000/3+ bed, single family home/McCandless Area – Reference Code: TL
    6. $300,000-$375,000/4+ bed, single family home with separate garage or workshop/Pine-Richland, North Hills Area – Reference Code: BO
    7. $200,000-$300,000/Townhouse – Investment Property/North Allegheny, Pine-Richland, North Hills Area – Reference Code: HS – SOLD
    8. $400,000-$550,000/Single family, condo, townhouse/Chatham Village – Reference Code: PO
    9. $750,000-$1,200,000/4+ bed, single family home/Fox Chapel – Reference Code: MM
    10. $175,000-$250,000/3+ bed, single family home/Shaler – Reference Code: TS
    11. $250,000-$350,00/3+ bed, single family, condo, townhouse/North or West of city (Cranberry/Robinson) – Reference Code: BN
    12. $150,000-$250,000/2-3 bed, single family townhouse, investment property/Ross Twp. Area – Reference Code: AL
    13. $200,000-$300,000/2+ bed, single family home/Franklin Park or Wexford – Reference Code: LP
    14. $200,000-$300,000/Townhouse – Investment Property/West or North Hills Areas – Reference Code: HS
    15. $200,000-$300,000/Single family home with smaller yard/North Allegheny Schools Area – Reference Code: LP
    16. $250,000-$350,000/Single family home/Cranberry, Wexford, Mars – Reference Code: TY
    17. $300,000-$400,000/Single family home/Cranberry/4 bed, 2 car garage, pool – Reference Code: CR
    18. $700,000-$1,000,000/Single family home/Fox Chapel Schools – Reference Code: JS
    19. $100,000-$200,000/Single family home/North Hills, North Allegheny, Fox Chapel, Shaler, Pine-Richland, Hampton – Reference Code: RA
    20. $200,000-$350,000/Condo/City of Pittsburgh – Reference Code: B&JC
    21. $250,000-$375,000/Single family home/Suburbs north of Pittsburgh – Reference Code: H&JR
    22. $425,000-$550,000/Single family home/Cranberry Twp. – Reference Code: J&AM
    23. $175,000-$550,000/Investment Properties/City of Pittsburgh – Reference Code: ES
    24. $150,000-$250,000/Townhouse/North Allegheny – Reference Code: CC – SOLD
    25. $400,000-$700,000/Single family that is move-in ready/North of Pittsburgh with easy commute to downtown – Reference Code: SA
    26. $300,000-$500,000/55+ community with pool, maitenance fee home with 2 car garage and first floor master/North of Pittsburgh – Reference Code: K&AS
    27. $150,000-$250,000/Singe family home with nice size yard with some privacy – Reference Code: PK&AP
    28. $500,000-$700,000/Renovated home in historic downtown Pittsburgh (Deutschtown, Mexican War Streets, North Side) – Reference Code: RR
    29. $250,000-$350,000/Single family home/Evans City area – Reference Code: VA
    30. $300,000-$400,000/Single family home 4 beds, 3 bath/North Hills or South Hills easy access to city – Reference Code: K&AS
    31. $500,000-$750,000/3+ bed, single family home, 3 car garage/Butler County – Reference Code: D&JR
    32. $150,000-$350,000/Single family home/Emsworth, Ben Avon, Ohio Twp. – Reference Code: BB&DF
    33. $300,000-$400,000/Single family home – modern 1 story open concept/Hampton area – Reference Code: BS
    34. $150,000-$250,000/Single family home – ranch/McCandless area – Reference Code: SC(AS)

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